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Testimonials & Reviews

“Poised and in control of her voice and material, Stephanie Sivers is a graceful gift to find. With a vocal sound that can be either clear and bright, or appealingly throaty, she’s the good news of the week….” 

- Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway, New York, NY

“Great music, great performer. Wonderful album, and also had the chance to hire Stephanie for an event at my home. Just like a smokey cabaret...mello music and great vocal range. I gave her CD to each of my guests.” – Gary, Palm Springs, CA

“Superb Performer. I have had the honor of hearing and seeing Stephanie perform many times. She is STELLAR each and every time. Her voice floats on the air...and her range is amazing. She sang for my wedding and it was absolutely stunning.  Stephanie is a reliable, responsible professional who completely loves and lives her passion and art in music!” – Jennifer P., San Jose, CA

TERRIFIC VOICE. There are so many fine artists on CDBABY and STEPHANIE surely is one of them. She has a terrific (Exciting, Extraordinary, Magnificent) voice that haunts me with every lyric...........what a great talent….” - Sam Stray, CD Baby customer, USA.

SHE IS AMAZING! I have heard Stephanie sing a number of times and her voice is amazing! She makes "hearing" or "watching" a whole new experience- unlike anything you have seen before. She is gorgeous- absolutely beautiful to watch and her voice has literally given me goose bumps- that is how special it is. I HIGHLY recommend Stephanie- everyone who watches her leaves the show happy, smiling, and amazed. You are missing out if you have not seen her live or bought one of her CD's!!!”  - Laura B., Los Angeles, CA.

More Testimonials & Reviews

“When I first met Stephanie [Sivers], I was struck by the beauty of her voice and the passion of her singing. Then I was even more impression by her profound musicality and attention to detail.  Adding to that, her intrepid attitude and positive spirit, her work [singing] with Ballet Santa Barbara was an unqualified success.” Eric Valinsky, American Dance & Music/Ballet Santa Barbara

Great singer with wonderful phrasing. Hearing and seeing Stephanie perform is an extraordinary experience and one I've had the pleasure to experience several times. Her interpretations are sensational and she is gifted with a great vocal and artistic range. “ - Edward G., Los Angeles, CA

“Stephanie was very professional, accommodating and personable from our very first communications. She was able to work with the surroundings, showed up on time, brought her own equipment, set up and took down. She was flexible with her performance to mesh with our event. Best of all a very good singer, she received many compliments as did I about bringing her to our event.” - Trevor W., Los Angeles, CA

Sensational Stephanie Sivers. Her stunning voice is but one of her outstanding qualities. Her work ethic, artistry and soulful devotion to expertise further contribute to making Stephanie Sivers a professionally complete entertainer. Present yourselves with her gifts.” – Deborah H.  Santa Barbara, CA

“…[The] Beautiful singing of Pucinni’s  “O Mio Babbino Caro” was perhaps the most memorable.  Sivers is the show’s star singer par excellence. ” Bojana Hill, The Independent, Santa Barbara, CA

“I have seen Stephanie Sivers perform at 4 different events, including a wedding where she captivated all of the guests with her amazingly beautiful and powerful voice. Highly recommend hiring her! “– Jason Q., Seattle, WA.

“Don’t like opera?  You will when [native] Santa Barbaran Stephanie Sivers opens her lovely mouth.”  - Barney Brantingham, The Independent, Santa Barbara, CA

Creative arrangements, lush voice! Sivers/Douglas are fabulous! Wonderfully creative piano arrangements add so much to the lush sound of Stephanie's voice. I'm ready for Sultry Standards II.” - Elaine Thompson, Arizona

“Indeed the skill in which each actor represented the many men and women of Spoon River is phenomenal. Stephanie Sivers sang and hummed [the music] beautifully…” – Esther Tran-Le, The Independent, Santa Barbara, CA

“Great Voice; Excellent Choice of Music. You gotta know Stephanie really is into music based on her song selection. These are terrific choices, and sung to perfection by Stephanie. I can only hope some club locally will be smart enough to give her a gig so we can see her live. It would be a wonderful show.” - P. Long, Santa Ana, CA.

“With soprano Stephanie Sivers’ spine-tingling Fauré songs lending passion to the proceedings, this was some of the strongest work from SBS yet...” - Elizabeth Schwyzer, The Independent, Santa Barbara, CA

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